How to improve your cooking in one easy step: Simply Cook review

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Read on to find out how to get a free Simply Cook box with 4 amazing recipes!

I love cooking. It’s really important to me that my two daughters have a healthy diet, so I love to cook them a wide variety of foods, exposing them to all sorts of different flavours and cuisines.

However, even though I cook fresh meals for my family on a daily basis (well, nearly daily – I’m not too proud to admit that we do eat nuggets and potato waffles as well!), I often get stuck in a rut, and run out of ideas. There have definitely been weeks where my kids have eaten the same pasta dish three times!!

That’s where Simply Cook comes in. It’s a recipe kit delivery service – each week (or as regularly as you choose), you select 4 recipes from Simply Cook’s enormous selection, and they send you the flavour pots you’ll need.

Unlike other recipe delivery services, like Gousto or Hello Fresh, Simply Cook don’t send you all the ingredients you’ll need – only the extra flavours, like spice mixes, stocks, garnishes, etc. Each recipe comes with 3 flavour pots.

At first, I wasn’t really convinced by this idea – what’s the point of getting the delivery, if I’m going to have to go shopping for ingredients myself anyway?

But actually, after trying out Simply Cook for a few weeks, I totally get the appeal. You don’t usually need to go shopping for specific ingredients, as the recipes are all based around store cupboard staples – so as long as you have a pantry that’s fairly well stocked with basic items, Simply Cook will help you elevate those ingredients into a really incredible meal. And if you don’t have exactly the right ingredients, they’re really easy to adapt to suit what you do have.

Plus, the recipe kits come in a box that fits through your letter box, so you don’t need to worry about arranging the delivery around your other commitments.

Here are a couple of Simply Cook recipes that I’ve really loved so far!

First, a lentil and squash curry. I added some rice and some frozen peas to bulk out the recipe – it was supposed to only feed 2 people, but my additions meant it made a great meal for all 4 of us.

Next, I made a creamy mushroom penne pasta. It’s the sort of dish I cook often anyway, but the Simply Cook flavour pots really helped to amp up the flavour and made it feel really special.

I would definitely choose both of these recipes again!

If you’d like to try Simply Cook for free, just click here and sign up to get a box, and choose your favourite 4 recipes!

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