How to make Roman mosaic collages with tissue paper

A while back (when we were still allowed to leave the house!), I took my girls to a nearby museum all about the Romans.

Of course, with my oldest being aged only 2, they’re still too young to really understand who the Romans were, or to have any concept of the fact that they lived thousands of years ago.

But it got us out of the house, my husband and I enjoyed looking round the museum, and the girls liked looking at all the broken pots, the models of people enacting Roman scenes, and best of all – the mosaics!

With plenty of pretty colours and patterns, my toddler really loved looking at the mosaics. There was even a fun activity set up for children, where they could make their own mosaics on little boards, using coloured tiles.

My daughter really enjoyed this, so we decided to continue the theme when we got home by making Roman mosaic collages out of tissue paper!

All you need is a few different colours of tissue paper – just cut or tear them into bits, and glue them onto paper with a glue stick.

She really enjoyed choosing the colours, practising using her scissors, and carefully glueing each piece of paper into just the right spot on the paper.

To make Roman mosaic collages, you will need:

  • various colours of tissue paper
  • a glue stick
  • paper

You could extend this activity by:

  • being more deliberate with where you stick the paper – making repeating coloured patterns, making pictures, etc.
  • screwing some of the pieces of tissue paper into balls to add texture to the picture
  • using the same technique to make stained glass windows
  • cutting the finished mosaic into a pretty shape

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