Review: Tobar Owl Grasshead

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It was my daughter’s third birthday a couple of weeks ago, and since we didn’t need a heap more toys (our playroom is already fit to burst!), we requested not too many presents. One of the things we did ask for was something crafty – she loves making things, and at least if she’s making the toy herself, we get an extra activity out of each present!

This owl grasshead was such a brilliant gift! It’s the Tobar Owl Grasshead (currently £6.54 on Amazon*), and considering how simple it is, it’s brought her so much joy already.

All you do is fill the little vase with water, plonk the owl’s head back on top, and wait.

After about 3 or 4 days, the owl started growing hair. Cue major excitement from the 3 year old.

From then on, it grew so quickly! Every single morning we’d come down and gasp at how much longer the owl’s hair was! One piece of grass in particular, right in the middle of his head, seemed to shoot right up before our very eyes!

My daughter was so excited to watch the hair grow. We’d look forward to coming downstairs each morning to see what had happened.

This owl grasshead is a really simple tool for teaching some basic science, as the child can learn all about how plants grow, and the fact that they need water and sunlight. It’s one thing to hear the theory of how plants (and humans!) get bigger over time, but it’s so much more exciting to see it happening right in front of you.

When the owl’s hair has grown long, you can even trim it into a funny hairstyle, or give it little bunches!

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Tobar Owl Grasshead* for anyone looking for a small, reasonably priced gift for a small child, instead of buying just another piece of plastic!

To grow an owl grasshead, you will need:

You could extend this activity by:

  • Talking about what plants need to grow – water, sunlight, soil, etc.
  • Thinking about how humans and animals are similar to plants – what do our bodies need to grow?
  • Playing with the owl’s ‘hair’, adding bunches or trimming it into a funny hairstyle
  • Learning more about owls – the fact that they’re nocturnal, etc.
  • Planting other types of seeds in the garden to see what other plants you can grow

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