Review: Playcolor paint sticks

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If you haven’t yet discovered paint sticks, get some now! They’re truly amazing, and so much fun.

Paint sticks are basically a thick poster paint, squished into a stick. They’re easy to use and don’t create any mess, so if you’re like me, and the amount of faff puts you off painting too often, paint sticks are perfect for you!

No need to wear an apron. No need to protect your table (if your child can use pens and crayons without making too much mess, they’ll be able to use paint sticks!). No need to wash any brushes afterwards. It’s painting, without the faff.

We use the Playcolor paint sticks*, which have been just brilliant. Despite being just as easy to use as crayons, me and my daughter both find them so much more exciting to use – the colours are much more vibrant, and you don’t have to push hard to make a bold, colourful line. The paint sticks screw up from the bottom (much like a lipstick or, perhaps more relevantly, a glue stick!), so you can just wind up as much of the stick as your child needs.

The pack we bought from Amazon* is currently £11.99 for a pack of 12, which I think is pretty great value, especially as you get such a nice range of bold colours. The paint doesn’t smear once you’ve applied it to the paper, and it makes really fun and eye-catching artwork.

This time, we used our paint sticks to make a lovely drawing for my husband for Father’s Day! I’ve framed it, and we’ve got it hung up in the kitchen – which is not something I’d ever do with crayon scribbles!

To use Playcolor paint sticks, you will need:

You could extend this activity by:

  • using the paint sticks to draw rainbows
  • drawing a picture of your family or your house
  • practising standing the paint sticks on their ends – they’re easy to balance!

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