How to make kids’ Pimm’s

When the sun is out, the first thing we Brits do is to make a big jugful of Pimm’s. It’s a really refreshing thing to sip on in the sunshine.

If you didn’t know, Pimm’s is an alcoholic summer punch made with Pimm’s liqueur and lemonade. And, the all-important final touch – plenty of fresh fruit! It’s a must in Pimm’s.

I made a jugful of Pimm’s the other day so my husband and I could enjoy a glass in the garden. My daughter was a little upset that she wasn’t allowed to have any (for obvious reasons!), so I decided to make her a special kids’ version. She was really excited at the idea of having a special drink made just for her!

First, I half-filled a small cup with fresh fruit and vegetables. Pimm’s is usually made with cucumber, strawberries and oranges, so that’s what I used. I also put some fresh mint in the adults’ version, but I knew she wouldn’t like that, so I left it out of hers.

Then, I just filled up the rest of the cup with some weak cherry squash.

My daughter doesn’t usually drink squash very often, so not only was it a special treat to have her own special punch with fruit in it, even just the squash itself was special!

She was absolutely thrilled with her fruit punch, and best of all, it’s pretty healthy too! It was a great way to get her to eat a few extra bits of fruit and veg.

I will definitely be making this again next time the sun’s out.

To make kids’ Pimm’s, you will need:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables, e.g. cucumber, orange, strawberries
  • fruit squash (I used cherry)
  • a small plastic cup
  • a straw, to make it more special!

You could extend this activity by:

  • getting your child to help you cut up the fruit and veg to make their own cup of punch
  • talking about how it’s a great idea to eat as many different colours of fruit and vegetables as you can – can you name a fruit for every colour of the rainbow?
  • thinking about what other combinations of fruits and vegetables might be tasty

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  1. Lucy Zelazowski

    Great idea, fresh fruit and juice is perfect for a refreshing drinkies in this weather. Love it
    Lucy Zelazowski – @londonbirdlucy

  2. Lyndsey cooksey

    Mmm sounds lovely and by letting the children help is a great way to learn through play!

  3. Michael Fisher

    Always nice to have the kids involved

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Fun and delicious – not just for kids either

  5. Jayne Townson

    That looks good.

  6. Carly Belsey

    Oh I love Pimms and this just looks so refreshing, I love it.

  7. sandy ralph

    oh this looks so delicious

  8. Sandra Fortune

    Looks good and natural much better home made

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